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Garage Door Repair DIY vs Hiring a Garage Door Specialist in Tucson

garage door repair DIY

Garage door problems can be annoying and frustrating—especially if they happen often. Replacing the batteries in the garage door opener is an easy fix. However, other issues aren’t simple (or safe) to fix on your own. 

Should you hire a professional when struggling with garage door springs or door damage? Depending on the problem, a garage door repair DIY fix might not be the safest solution, and a temporary fix might solve the problem for only a short time. The next time the door or mechanisms break, you could have a significant (and costly) problem.

How can homeowners know when it’s time to call a Tucson garage door specialist? Follow this guide!

What Can I DIY?

Not every garage door problem requires professional service. However, taking on an issue that a skilled technician can handle could lead to more problems or injuries.

Garage doors aren’t complicated, but they do require knowledge and expertise to handle heavy parts and mechanical aspects of the system. The wrong “fix” can send a heavy garage door crashing down or break a spring that damages you or items inside the garage. 

What are some garage door problems that are ideal for a DIY fix? Check out this list of things you can investigate on your own before calling a garage door professional. 

Dead Batteries

We mentioned replacing the batteries in the garage door opener. It might seem like those batteries last forever, but one day the opener simply stops telling the door to open when you pull into the driveway.

Start by replacing the batteries in the opener. If that doesn’t work, buying a replacement door opener is simple and doesn’t require a professional. Order one online or visit your local hardware store to find a new opener that works with your door. 

If new batteries or a new opener don’t solve the problem, you could have a wiring or electrical issue at the wall or within the overhead part. Contact a professional to troubleshoot and fix electrical problems with your automatic garage door system. 

Motion Sensor Problems

Motion sensors located at the opening of your garage door help protect people and pets from a door on the way up or down. When something gets in the way of the sensor’s beam, the door stops raising or lowering. 

If you notice that the sensors aren’t working correctly, consult the instruction manual that came with your system. In many cases, the manual can walk you through troubleshooting and reprogramming options to reset the sensors and fix the problem. 

However, if the book’s instructions don’t help, it’s time to call a garage door specialist.

Noises or Creaking

Most garage doors are not entirely silent when opening and closing. If you start hearing new noises or louder creaks, try adding garage door lubricant to moving parts. The right lubricant keeps parts moving with less friction while protecting pieces from moisture and rust. 

If excessive noise continues (or gets worse), lubricant might not be the solution. Call a professional to diagnose the source of the noise and provide a repair. 

When Should I Call a Pro? 

Some garage door problems need a professional from the start. Attempting to replace rusted hardware or a broken spring is dangerous work. Never attempt to remove pieces or prop up a door and attempt DIY repairs when your safety is at risk. 

If any of the following problems occur, stay clear of your garage door and call professional Tucson garage door services!

Broken Spring

You’ll hear it when it happens. While newer garage systems have safer torsion springs to lower and lift doors, older overhead models use extension springs that can break and cause serious injuries.

When the cables snap, the extension springs recoil at a high rate of speed. Anything in the path of the recoil can sustain damage or physical harm. If you hear it snap, it’s almost too late to get out of the way. 

Without the spring engaged, the garage door can also fall quickly and with great force. Before attempting to prop open the door or stretch the spring back into position, call a professional! One false move and the heavy door can drop, or you could lose your grip on the spring. 

Damaged Doors

Sometimes severe weather can send debris into your closed garage door, causing dents, dings, and other damage. Inattentive drivers can drive into the door while it’s in the closed position. With enough force, the door can become knocked out of the track and stuck closed. 

If you have a damaged door that won’t open, disconnect it from the automatic opener to avoid burning out the motor. Don’t attempt to force the door open. Contact a professional to safely reset the door or replace it with a new one. 

Grinding Noises

If the overhead lifting unit makes loud grinding noises when lifting or lowering the door, stop using it immediately. These noises can indicate that the motor is on the way to burnout. If the motor can’t start and stop properly, the door can drop suddenly. 

Garage door openers don’t last forever. When the motor burns out, it might be time to replace it. However, before you attempt to do this on your own, call an experienced professional to handle the job.

They have the right tools and skills to safely remove and replace the overhead drive unit to get your door opening and closing safely again. 

Stay Safe With Garage Door Repair DIY (or Call a Pro)

Garage door safety is critical when dealing with strange noises or faulty equipment. There are plenty of things around your home that you can fix on your own. However, when it comes to safely and effectively garage door repairs, skip garage door repair DIY and call a pro!

Budget Garage Doors & Serices LLC is here to respond quickly and professionally to any garage door problems. Don’t waste your time and money or risk an injury. Give us a call at 520-305-8588 to schedule an appointment!

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